Our Carpet Cleaning Services

At ProServe Restoration, we offer a wide variety of carpet services that remove stains, prevent future stains, neutralize allergens, and keep your carpet in excellent shape year after year. Learn more about our services below:

Carpet Stain Removal

This is not your buddy’s side-job carpet cleaning company. ProServe Restoration is a full-service stain removal company — we use top-tier stain removal products and leading industry methods to remove tough stains from beverages, dirt, pets, and more.



Carpet Repair

Rips and tears in your carpet can cause trip hazards, increase the risk of moisture intrusion, and create an eyesore in an otherwise beautiful living space. ProServe Restoration handles minor carpet repairs and touch ups for a seamless look that extends the life of your carpet.



Pet Odor/Stain Treatments

Pet stains and smells could spell trouble for a carpet 10 or 20 years ago. Fortunately, today’s carpet restoration experts use safe and durable carpet treatments that can prevent the setting in of stains and keep odors at bay. ProServe Restoration’s specially formulated stain-protection treatments can extend the life of your carpet, prevent stains and smells, and make puppy accidents less of a headache.



Benefits of Hiring a Carpet Cleaner

1. It improves the durability of your carpet.

Keeping the fibers of your carpet strong and taut will extend the life of your carpet and make it look better over time. On the other hand, ignoring your carpet can lead to deterioration, discoloring, and premature aging. Professional carpet cleaners will remove deep, set-in stains (the leading cause of carpet deterioration) with ease, ensuring that your carpets look like new after every cleaning.


2. Carpet cleaners get the job done fast.

Using a vacuum and household cleaning products just won’t cut it if you’re trying to make your carpet look like new. It’ll take your hours, if not days, to remove light stains by hand — so imagine what it will take to remove heavy ones! Professional carpet cleaning companies use industrial-grade carpet cleaners and cleaning products to remove stains in a short period of time — you’ll spend less time scrubbing and dabbing and more time enjoying your clean carpets.

3. You’ll have better indoor air quality.

Carpets act like a sponge for allergens, cleaning chemicals, pet dander, dust, clothing fibers, food particles, and basically anything else that can land on your floors over time — but what’s even worse is that your vacuum won’t even remove half of it. A professional carpet cleaner will use machinery that deep-cleans your carpets and removes any settled allergens and toxins so you can breathe easier and avoid allergy problems, asthma, and the like.



What’s In My Carpet?

You don’t want to know. Carpets are full of all kinds of infectious particles (dead and living) that can cause a variety of health problems. Read below about the most common “carpet criminals” — if you dare.


Yikes! When moisture gets trapped in your carpet and hangs out there for long periods of time, mold begins to sprout. This can lead to health problems like coughing, sneezing, wheezing, sinus infections, bloody noses, headaches, and even decreased brain function. Carpet mold can only be handled by professional carpet restoration experts — not the local hobbyist with a van and a vacuum.

Dust Mites

Uh oh! Dust mites are tiny bugs that live inside soft, porous fibers in your carpets or furniture, and they cause similars health problems to mold. Expect coughing, post nasal drip, itchy eyes, headaches, and even rashes when dealing with dust mites. Professional carpet cleaners are public enemy number one for dust mites — they use high-powered carpet cleaners and vacuums to remove dust mites for good.



Eek! Up to 40 pounds of dust can build up in your carpets every single year. But what is dust, anyway? Ultimately, it’s a combination of dead skin from your bare feet, pet dander, pollen, bacteria, bits of paint, and tons of other small particles that cling together and make themselves at home in your carpet. If you took 40 pounds of dust and stuck it all together, it would almost fill up your bathtub!


Dust is a big issue for your carpet and your health, and your vacuum just isn’t powerful enough to get it all out. Professional carpet cleaning companies will extract large amounts of dust using high-tech extraction methods like dry extraction, rotational shampooing, hot water extraction, and foam extraction.

Choose The Carpet Cleaning Professionals

The carpet cleaning professionals at ProServe Restoration have spent the last 25 years helping Dallas-area homes and business with their carpet needs. We’ve seen some of the dirtiest carpets you can imagine, and we’ve nursed them back to health with high-tech extraction techniques. If you have any questions about our carpet cleaning or carpet repair services, we’re happy to help. We serve Garland, Sachse, Wylie, Plano, and the rest of the greater Dallas area. Contact us to learn more about our services, or call us directly to get started today.